Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star: My Thoughts

The most widely anticipated cosmetic launch of the year. It literally broke the internet, and JSC records for sales. It sold over 1 million palettes. I wasn’t surprised that it sold out within hours online. With Shane’s creativity mixed with Jeffree’s iconic brand and business smarts, customers everywhere knew this was THE collection to have.

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Orders started shipping immediately and by the following Monday people were already starting to receive their orders. JSC and the trusted online retailers that were part of the launch were NOT messing around with getting orders out. I live in Canada, ordered from Beautylish and got mine by the Tuesday following the launch.

Since I don’t wear lipstick that often I did not get the liquid lips, but I do plan on getting them when they restock. I was able to get the Conspiracy and Mini Controversy palettes, the pink pig mirror and the black makeup bag (huge shout out to Beautylish split payments for making this all possible).

Overall, obviously the quality is out of this world (duh its Jeffree Star, we can’t expect anything less). The packaging is flawless and fits SO well with all of Jeffrees other products. Like they DID THAT.

Two Pallets - Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Two Pallets – Jeffree Star Cosmetics

The colour story is great because it gives you neutrals and some fun colours. You can do something more natural and subtle, you can add a pop of colour or you can do a colourful look. Its definitely inspiring and versatile!

Pallet 1 - Swatched Pallet 2 - Swatched

Pallet Swatches – Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Something I was excited about was seeing how well these colours can blend together. I have blending OCD, and I will spend as much time as I need to, to get that perfect blend. These shades did NOT disappoint. They are so pigmented and they blend like a dream come true.

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I own all but 3 of the JSC palettes, and I can honestly say this is up there with my favorite palette he’s come out with so far. For me its tied with Blue Blood, but that’s just because I love blue eyeshadows. This is one that’s so versatile that you could easily grab it daily for just about any look.

Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson Cut Crease

Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson Cut Crease

This is the first look I did with both the Conspiracy and Mini Controversy palette, and I fell in love with the first shade I used. I have hooded lids so you can’t really see the cut crease I did (I didn’t extend the cut crease high enough so see it when I’m looking straight ahead).

Shane Dawson Mirror & Makeup

Shane Dawson Mirror & Makeup

Let me know what you think ! Were you able to score anything from the launch? Have you tried any of the cosmetics out yet? Show me your looks on Instagram or Twitter, and let me know if there’s any other products you want me to review !

Talk soon!

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