Sports Wear: Why Just Strong?

When shopping for sports wear there are SO many options out there that it makes deciding on a brand a very difficult task. I’ve just recently started looking into expanding my wardrobe for sports wear and let me tell you, I was overwhelmed with the amount of brands and retailers out there.

During my search for generally affordable (but still cute) sports wear I stumbled across Just Strong.

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They are an active wear brand based out of the United Kingdom and their main focus is empowering women no matter if you’re seasoned in your fitness journey, just starting out or overcoming difficult times in your life. They recently changed their logo to reflect that as well!

Overall as a brand, their products are fantastic and very well made. I have personally placed 3 orders with them over the last month and a bit and have been so impressed every time.

Living in Canada and these products being made to order, I’ve only ever waited no more than 2 weeks to receive my order (which is fantastic considering its coming from overseas). THE BEST PART, free shipping over $80 USD (who doesn’t love free shipping?).

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If you’re looking to add to or build on your athletic/sports wear wardrobe (or just looking for some comfy clothes to lounge in), look no further! This brand is one I love representing and would 100% recommend.

Sponsored Hoodie - JustStrong Team - Join the Team

Sponsored Hoodie – JustStrong Team – Join the Team

I included a link to follow at the end of this post that can save you 10% on your order if you choose to shop with them (it will automatically add the discount once you add an item to your cart).

It is an affiliate link so I do earn a small commission if it used (but it is at no extra cost to you!).

I did pay out of pocket for my outfits as well and I don’t regret a dime spent (I actually plan on getting a couple more items) because I get to represent this great brand and its message !

Sponsored Hoodie - Close Up - Join the Team

Sponsored Hoodie – Close Up – Join the Team

If you decide to order with Just Strong and are curious about how their clothing fits, its true to size. I’m about 5’11 and weigh about 150lbs. I ordered a large in their leggings and shorts, a medium in their “Progress Not Perfection” shirt, and an XL in my team sweater and they all fit amazingly. There’s lots of leg length on the leggings and arm length on the sweater (its not overly baggy either, its a good fit).

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Being a tall girl with log legs and arms, its hard (and scary) to buy stuff online because the fit is always questionable. If you have this problem, you don’t have to worry with this brand.

Let's Walk Toki Today!

Let’s Walk Toki Today!

I hope if you decide to order with them you love your clothes as much as I love mine !

Talk soon!

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