How To Get Yourself On A Healthier Lifestyle

Every year people make the same resolution, to go to the gym, to go on a diet, or just get healthy. Let me tell you that has been on my mind the last 3 years. I can never stay true to working out or eating healthy.

Most times its just intimidating for me. I can never think of what I want to cook, if what I’m cooking is even good for me, and above all… making time to go to the gym or work out. It just seems like a lot, I lose interest or get unmotivated and before I know it I’m on the couch eating a bag of chips wishing I hadn’t given up.

Let me tell you a couple things that I’ve found that help keep me on track for meals and fitness.

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For my meals, I found this great e-book called Fit Girls Guide. This thing has been my saving grace for embarrassing a healthy lifestyle (I have all their books and absolutely LOVE them). You just need to purchase the book from their website, wait for their email to download it (on your phone, computer or tablet) and read through it. They have about 5 or 6 books, but the one you want to start with is called the 28 Day Jumpstart.

Fit Girls Guide – 28 Day Jumpstart Program

It contains meal plans for 30 days, and at home workouts for 30 days. The best part is it goes week by week, provides your grocery list, meal prep guide and what you’re eating daily. There’s no guess work. It makes eating healthy SO easy.

From there, they have other guides and cookbooks for more options once you’ve completed the guides, or want to combine meals from all the books. The options are endless! They also have a community on Instagram and Facebook that is so unbelievably positive and encouraging.

For fitness (outside of the workouts from the guide), I use apps on my phone and practice yoga. My workout app is called Female Fitness – Women Workout. It has so many workout options that target different areas, and range from just a few minutes to about 25 minutes for more advanced workouts. It tracks your workouts and you can set reminders to help keep yourself accountable. For someone that is working on a fear of the gym, this is a great option.

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Yoga is another thing I’ve just started to do to improve my flexibility and balance. I’ve purchased and have been using follow along videos from Yoga Burn. Its awesome because within a weeks time (doing the videos every day) I’ve noticed a crazy difference already! If yoga is something you’ve thought about or considered doing, I would 100% recommend it. You can get a free copy of Yoga Burns Kick Start Kit by clicking the image below!

Fit Girls Guide – 28 Day Jumpstart Program

Between Fit Girls Guide, my workout app and Yoga Burn, its hard to go wrong. You have your meals and workouts right at your finger tips. If you feel more motivated to workout by going to a gym, there’s tons of options out there for that too! Lots of gyms offer memberships for $10 a month so its still an affordable way to get a workout in.

If you ever fall off the healthy lifestyle wagon, don’t get discouraged and completely give up. Pick yourself up and get back on that wagon, you’ll thank yourself in the long run, trust me. I’ve fallen off too many times to count, but I always manage to pick myself back up and either start over or start where I left off.

Have you tried any of these healthy lifestyle options? Let me know if you have, or if you’ve thought about it in the comments or connect with me on my socials!

Talk soon!

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