My Favorite Neutral Palettes

I’m a girl that loves to bend the rules and use the rainbow in my makeup looks more often than natural colours. Using colours like blue and orange in the same look have been my go to for the last couple months now.

For some people (myself included when I first got into makeup 4 years ago), colours can be intimidating. Not everyone likes using colours like green and blue, and most are just comfortable with natural and neutral colours. Thankfully there’s endless brand options for neutral palettes !

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When I first got into makeup, a friend of mine suggested Anastasia Beverly Hills. Trusting her knowledge (she’s a makeup artist), I went out and bought Modern Renaissance (it was the most recent palette out at the time), and was immediately hooked !

Pallet Swatch - Modern Renaissance

Pallet Swatches – Modern Renaissance

The colours blended beautifully and it has a nice combo of some neutrals and reds. I used this palette daily and it made me fall in love with the ABH brand.

When Soft Glam was released I was tempted to buy it because I love ABH but was concerned about how much I would use it. By the time this palette came out, I was more adventurous with colour and didn’t stick much to neutral looks.

Pallet Cover - Soft Clam

Pallet Cover – Soft Clam

In the end, I decided to buy it and boy was I surprised. My eyeshadow collection had grown a lot and no word of a lie, I didn’t touch any other palettes for months after I got Soft Glam. In my opinion it is the best neutrals palette I’ve used.

Pallet Swatches - Soft Clam

Pallet Swatches – Soft Clam

The mattes blend beautifully, and the shimmers.. Oh the shimmers are just STUNNING.

I know Anastasia Beverly Hills has had lots of palettes out since Soft Glam was released, but this is one palette you definitely need in your collection if you don’t have it already !

What’s your favorite neutral palette?

Talk soon !

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