Jumpstart Your Healthy Lifestyle

With it being the beginning of the New Year most people set their New Years resolution to start taking care of themselves physically. This journey can be confusing and hard to start because, well where exactly do you start?

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You’ve decided you want to get healthy, but now what? What are you going to eat? What kinds of workouts are you going to do? Should you sign up for a gym membership?

When wanting to live a healthier lifestyle became my resolution last year, I did some research on diets and exercises that I could do. In my searches, I came across Fit Girls Guide.

This Guide is your one stop shop for getting healthy, no joke. They have monthly (one time purchase) e-books that you can follow that gives you literally EVERYTHING you need.

Their first book (the one recommended to start with) is the 28 Day Jumpstart. It takes you through 28 days of meals (weekly grocery lists and what you’ll be eating every day) and exercises to help you get on track.

After that they have the Fitkini Challenge, which is the second book and takes you through another month of meals and exercises. This one is meant to follow the 28 Day Jumpstart.

Past that, they have their Bootcamp (this is a 12 week series and contains some more intense workout), 2 Cookbooks (Cookbook Vol 1 , and Cookbook Vol 2), the Fit Girls Detox, and the newly added Meal Plan book !

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I love these guides because they take the guesswork out of everything when you’re getting started on a healthier lifestyle. You know everything you’ll be eating is good for you, you have an exercise plan to follow that does not require you to go to a gym, and best of all.. There’s an Instagram community of the most supportive and positive women on the same journey as you.

They do community start dates so everyone that wants to join starts (or continues) their journey together.

Even when I fall off the healthy lifestyle wagon, when I’m ready to get back on I always reach for my Fit Girls Guide books.

I will be taking part in the January 13th group and starting my journey. You can follow my progress by going to my Instagram @astate.ofbeauty (linked). You can also go to @fitgirlsguide and check out their Instagram for some inspiration, or head to their website HERE and check out the guides.

This is all the guides that Fit Girls Guide offers (minus the new Meal Plan book). You can also purchase this bundle if you just wanted to get them all instead of buying them individually ! This photo was taken from
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