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Some days i struggle with creativity and always reach for the same few makeup products and eyeshadow colours. I never know what eyeshadow or lipstick I want to use. Most of the time, I want someone to tell me what to use to make the decision easier and so I don’t spend an hour looking at a palette trying to decide on colours.

We created this beautiful random number generator for A State of Beauty to help make your choices for makeup a little bit easier!

If you’re struggling to choose which eyeshadow palette you want to use, or which lipstick shade you want to use, simply line them up and give them a number. Plug in your numbers in the Min and Max squares and let the generator pick for you.

You don’t have to do exactly this to number your palettes or other makeup. Just line them up on your desk or table and number them that way !

For example, you have 10 eyeshadow palettes you’re wanting to choose from. Put 1 in the Min box, 10 in the Max box and 1 in the How Many Numbers box. Once filled out, hit Calculate and a random number will appear in the Answer box. In your line up of palettes, you’ll use the palette who’s number corresponds with the number the generator gave you. This can be done for any makeup product !

In this example, the generator chose 4, which means you’ll create a look with the Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Palette

For eyeshadow, if you’re having trouble coming up with a look or are just not sure what colours to use, count how many eye shadow shades there are in your palette and put the numbers into the Min and Max. Adjust the amount of random numbers you want to generate and this will generate a series of numbers, thus giving you shadows to make a look with.

For example, you’ve chosen your palette and it has 18 shades in it. Simply put 1 as your Min and 18 as your Max. In the How many numbers box, you can put as many numbers as you want to generate. I usually do 5 but you can do more or less. So in this example, you’ll put 5 in the How Many Numbers box. Once you do that, click Calculate and 5 random numbers will generate in the Answer box. Count out the numbers on your shadow colours and that’s what you’ll use for your entire look !

This is an example of how you can use the generator to pick eyeshadow colours. You can also change the Sort Numbers box to organize the numbers in a random order, low to high and high to low.
The colours numbered (based on what the generator came up with) are the only colours you’ll use for your look !

I love this idea because it allows you to work with colours you normally might not have chosen. If you get too many shimmer shades and can’t create a look with 4 shimmer shades and 1 matte shadow, simply hit generate again and get a whole new list of number options.

Doing this really gets the creative juices flowing because you’re told what you have to work with and have less options. You’re not looking at a 18 or 24 shade eyeshadow palette wondering what colours you’ll use, or looking at your collection of 20 lipsticks wondering what colour you’d like to use. I know for someone that’s as indecisive as i am, having less options to chose from is a blessing in disguise!

In reality, this number generator can be used any time you need to randomly generate a number or multiple numbers for any reason, but we like to use it for makeup ! Click Here to jump over to the Random Number Generator and try it out for yourself !

Let us know how you like it and tag us in any of your beautiful creations on Instagram or Twitter using the Random Number Generator !

Check out these looks that were created with our Random Number Generator:

This look was created with the Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Palette using the random number generator.
Click the picture to jump a pictorial blog post and see a step by step on how this look was created !
This look was created with the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien Palette using the random number generator.
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