About Me

Over the last 4 years, I’ve found myself totally engulfed in the the world of beauty. From hair to makeup to skin care, even mental and physical health (because the body and mind are beautiful too!), I’ve slowly gained a better understanding and love for this industry.

Working retail in the beauty industry has to be the most fun I’ve had the last 4 years of my working career. I get to learn about colouring hair, different brands of makeup, all kinds of skin care, the list goes on. It’s an industry that is always changing so there’s always a chance to learn something!

As much as I love learning, what I love even more is sharing the knowledge I’ve gained with people who need help or have questions about things they’re unsure of.

Come join me as we review and play with makeup, talk hair and skincare, and even dabble into health! Feel free to connect with me on my blog or my social medias if you have questions or want to talk beauty!

Let’s get into a state of beauty together!

Yours truly,

Alyssa (A State of Beauty)